flatex, from a German hidden champion
to the leading European online broker

flatex is today one of the leading online brokers in Germany with over 350,000 customers and over 12 million completed transactions (as of 30.06.2020)

After the acquisition of DEGIRO, flatex will be the first and largest online broker in Europe and will serve more than
1 million customers by the end of 2020, executing more than 35 million transactions annually and thus handling a transaction volume of more than EUR 200 billion.

  • Germany’s most innovative online broker
  • More than 12 million transactions settled
  • Best of both worlds – awarded as best bank in 2017
  • Europes largest online broker in 18 countries
  • More than 1 million clients
  • More than 36 million transactions settled

Number of B2C Customers

> 800 k



18 countries


Credit Book (collateralized)

> EUR 600 m

Annualized Executed Trades

> 30 m


Number of exchanges and OTC-partners

> 60


Average Interest Rate (Loan Book)

> 3 % p.a.

Annualized Executed Trade Volume

~ EUR 200 bn


Customer Cash Deposits

~ EUR 2 bn


Balance Sheet Equity

> EUR 200 m

Securities under Custody

~ EUR 20 bn



> 800


Return on Equity (before Tax)

~ 20 %


Note: including DEGIRO pro forma, figures as of 2019A

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We will shape the digitalization of the financial sector. It is our aim to build Europe’s largest provider of financial technology. We also execute more than 12 Mln trades annually and will soon be the market leader in this field. 

Frank Niehage, CEO flatex AG